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Muerte, 2019-2020. By Artissa

Madrid Madrid Series:

This project highlights the works in the museums of Madrid by filtering them through pop culture and humour. As Spanish I feel that I should be more proud of our heritage, our artists, our culture. Sometimes it seems that we are the first ones to criticize ourselves and say unpleasant words about our achievements, always comparing ourselves with the neighboring countries.

With this project I like to put in value all that has already been mentioned. To visit the museums in my city and discover the jewels they have to offer me. And then do something new with it and way of seeing it. It is inevitable to compare classical culture with today's media culture. Playing with the paintings and works to give them a new touch and sometimes as graphic jokes.

The technique is digital, modern, up-to-date, but passed through a filter of tradition, thus marrying two almost irreconcilable concepts. The monotype gives a unique character to each image as well as a texture and some imperfections that add a layer of random personality to the work


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