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Eightyagers 6. By Artissa


Age is just a number in the mind...

Age is just a number in the mind, in the card. You can be old at twenty or young at eighty. This is the concept that underlies the eightyagers: people who dress, think, act, in short, live as if they were fifteen years old again, as if they had never left them. The technique to capture their authenticity is a mixture of styles without rules that also respond to the playful character of the eightyagers.
From the most modern digital drawing to engraving, either on paper or fabric, which are then sewn and intervened with paints and beads.

As a tribute to the Casa Argentina, the artist proposes to explore the connection between France and Argentina. In this exhibition we find some of those Argentines who traveled to Paris in the Roaring Twenties to celebrate there the most extravagant and flamboyant weddings in living memory. Inspired by that spirit, Isabel reinvents these characters, such as Júlio Cortázar, who lived for a time in this house, Gabriel Iturri or Dulce Liberal, trying to capture their essence and transmit it with their own identity.

Finally, inspired by the space, the artist completes this exhibition with "Banana" transcending her usual style, innovating with fabrics instead of paper and rescuing an almost forgotten format such as the tapestry. With these media she seeks to capture the personality of these eightyagers as they are: exuberant, overwhelming, with a presence and light of their own that capitalizes the attention in any room where they are.


Dimensions: 50x70cm


Mixed technique


Shipping within 3-6 working days


Dimensions: 50x70cm


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