Collection: Elena Morales

I’ve always been a restless soul, I always feel the urge to go further and keep learning. I have spent most of my life travelling all around the world. This has become my major source of inspiration and renovation to create. The brand’s philosophy embodies the greatest love for the finer things in life, the magic of travelling and the wonders from our inspiring world. Most of our product’s fibers are mechanically recycled which enables the creation of eco-friendly pieces as high in quality and design as those coming from non-recycled materials.

All our garments are made Following the slow fashion philosophy from its Design until the end of life. This implies a Development and 100% craftsmanship. 

Al ser un producto artesanal y hecho a mano el periodo de entrega de cualquier traje de baño de Elena Morales se extiende entre 5-10 días una vez finalizada la compra. 

*These products cannot be returned. 

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