Collection: Coro López-Izquierdo

Coro López-Izquierdo is part of a saga of architects that goes back to her great-grandfather and her style describes a constantly changing reality through a profound study of light, colour and form. Coro López-Izquierdo is a renowned artist of modern realism who has reinvented her art and, without ceasing to be herself, has launched her mini-size painting. Several constants can be appreciated: the approach to the natural world, the symbolism of staging and the autobiographical part of the painter herself.

Coro, who is also a lecturer in Architectural Drawing at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, has received numerous national and international awards and well-deserved prizes. In addition, her works are part of various public collections such as that of the BBVA or the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts and many other private collections belonging to important figures in Spanish society