Fewer but better: Sustainable luxury is the future

Fewer but better: Sustainable luxury is the future

Yes! In ES fascinante we truly believe that sustainable luxury is the future. It is not an eco-friendly product seeking a premium image but instead, it is a luxury product with sustainable values. It is another option to saving the planet since we would be channeling our purchasing power to where we might do the least harm: by buying sustainable luxury goods.

Chaquette Córcega. Charlotte Blaz.

While people are positive about the idea of sustainability in principle, these perceptions are often overshadowed by various perceived ‘negative’ attributes. Many people view sustainability as being costly, unnecessary, or disruptive to their everyday life. And this is a big mistake!

Mohair Blanket. Leandro Cano. 

Let´s explain this: if we return to the definition of luxury, we can see that sustainable products also share the same ‘essential’ qualities of luxury goods; they call for extraordinary creativity and design, they need to be made from exceptional materials, with good quality, and they place an importance on durability in the concept of fewer but better. Luxury goods have implicit sustainability built in as they don’t go out of fashion and are life-long products. In fact, luxury products have always been sustainable, but have not been promoted as such.

Mango Maxi Circle Bag. FFL by Fiona Ferrer Leoni. 

In ES fascinante  we are very happy to lead Spanish luxury brands that have been taking steps in this direction. Brands that introduce the idea of ‘sustainable luxury’ as an integral part of their own brand image. Exactly the same idea of our community brand image.

Mini Clutch in red. Moi and Sass.

As social and environmental stresses increase and global resources come under greater pressure, the luxury industry must embrace new environmental and labour standards. You need to join us in this fabulous movement!

Sustainable luxury offers people fulfillment of their individual desires by introducing better consumer choices — rather than making them feel guilty about themselves. Join our fascinating community and be a part of the change!

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