Almudena Laborda

Vajilla Mint

  • Hand-painted tableware of 12 pieces, each piece is unique. The baked enamel is suitable for use with food.

    The tableware consists of: 4 flat plates, 4 soup plates, 4 appetizer plates. The tableware is sold as a whole, not as separate pieces.


    Small pieces for appetizers: 8.5 cm wide x 17 cm long x 3.5 cm high.
    Deep plate: 20.5 cm wide x 19 cm long x 5.5 cm high.
    Flat plate: 29 cm wide x 26.5 cm long x 3 cm high.

    Each piece is hand painted and is a unique product, it can undergo small modifications to the photographs.

    Unique pieces, if the piece is out of stock and you want one to order please contact us :

    Shipping within 4 weeks. This dinner service is in the process of being manufactured, we estimate a period of 4 weeks for delivery from the moment of purchase.

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