Trio de Ases III


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Trio de Ases III, 2020, 41 x 52 cm.

Individual photography from the triptych.

Digital photograph printed on hahnlemüle photo rag 188 paper on suspended dibon. Finished in an airy display case frame. 

Framed in coloured wood (option to choose the colour of the frame among all those of the PANTONE,

Limited series of 20 copies 

Choose the artwork in colour or black and white. 

"From the heart of the city I bring this work. "Trio de Ases" a triptych that teaches us that there are many ways to look. And what better than photographing a work as special as Frank Gehry's Guggenheim. Same card but different suit. The richness of each point of view. 

This set of architectural photography works seeks to inspire the balance and harmony of the aesthetics of this grey city. Which for me, makes it even more attractive.
Bilbao, you inspire me, you, your people, your gastronomy, your smell, your colour, your accent and your climate."

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