Tote M - Balance

Anna Cortina

Styled with

More conservative in size than the XL Tote, the M Tote is light, spacious and maintains its urban character with several interior compartments that help enormously for it to hold everything you need in perfect order.
Its comfort it thanks to its two 18 cm long flat straps which allow it to be carried by hand, on the shoulder or arm.
Refined in its design and clean lines, it is the perfect accessory to be taken to the office, in your everyday life.

DESCRIPTION OF ITS MANUFACTURING: Manufactured in the best workshops in Spain, the Handcraftsmanship and Tradition form the roots of the values we stand for throughout the whole process of manufacturing and are part of our DNA.

DESCRIPTION OF ITS ACCESSORIES : Medium-sized inner purse, with different pockets and an interior zip attached to inside of the bag via a zip making it more secure and it can be used as a second handbag.

Option for customisation with your initials.
Option for artistic #artmeetsfashion customisation.

Bag: 30 cm Length x 33 cm Height x 16 cm Width
Purse: 27 cm Length x 19 cm Height

Ilustratio description: 

What does it represent to me?
We always have to ask ourselves this question,
when we are in front of anabstract work of art.
The beauty of this type of artistic composition lies in the ability to spark our imagination and creativity.