Survival Bag - Elephant One Eye

Anna Cortina

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As its name suggests, it is a bag created for survival and aimed at a woman who seeks to add a dose of practicality and comfort to her day to day.
Order and capacity are two of the key points of its design; its interior is spacious, and it is designed with no detail spared.
Its free and refined artifice clasp evokes the Modern Movement, the architectural style inspired by the work of Mies van der Rohe under the motto “Less is More”.
Survival is a timeless bag blessed with an elegance that can be passed on from generation to generation. Designed by Anna Cortina.

DESCRIPTION OF ITS MANUFACTURING: Manufactured in the best workshops in Spain, the Handcraftsmanship and Tradition form the roots of the values we stand for throughout the whole process of manufacturing and are part of our DNA.

Bag: 19 cm Length x 11 cm Height x 6 cm Width
Chain: 55 cm
Shoulder Strap: 125 cm Maximum Length

Ilustration description: Every year 2000 words are added to the dictionary. Always absorb, learn. An agile mind is everything.