Atelier Aletheia

Niko Reversible Coat

  • Reversible merino wool coat. 

    This garment has been created with a lac dyeing bath, similar to cochineal. . This parasite produces a red dye, which, depending on the mordant used, the color may vary between red purple to brown, passing to orange, traditionally used to dye wool or silk. Other same family species produce similar colorings, like kermes carmine, produced by Kermes vermilio(vermillion color) used in textile dyeing or carmine red, produced by Dactylopius coccus,used in Europe before the importation of the Mexican cochineal. Its brighter part is dyed with cochineal, a parasite that is found in tuneras, a species of cactus. Its use dates back to pre-Columbian cultures in America. The Spanish called granaat this red intense dye used by the Aztecs in Mexico and decided to import it in the 16th century, bringing wealth to the Spanish economy, by cultivating it in the Canary Islands, as red was a really appreciated color and difficult to find.

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