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Anna Cortina

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It is our shopping bag par excellence, where comfort and design come together.
An exceptionally lightweight model, it can be folded into the most practical option to be worn as the best accessory when you leave home or go on a trip and you can’t live without it.

DESCRIPTION OF ITS MANUFACTURING: Made from the highest quality cow leather, with a natural unlined interior, incredibly light and with a large capacity.
Manufactured in the best workshops in Spain, the Handcraftsmanship and Tradition form the roots of the values we stand for throughout the whole process of manufacturing and are part of our DNA.

DESCRIPTION OF ITS ACCESSORIES: Inner purse, which can be used separately as a small handbag, joined to the bag and fastened with a small clasp on one of its straps via a bracelet-style leather strap.

Option for customisation with your initials.
Option for artistic #artmeetsfashion customisation.

Bag: 34 cm Length x 27 cm Height x 14 cm Width
Purse: 19 cm Length x 11 cm Height

Ilustration descripcion: 

An abstract work of art is also appreciated for how it makes us feel.
Staring at a kaleidoscope of lines and shades,
we are carried away by the images that we create in our minds.
"I believe in the power of color." Mireia Ruiz