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Lehona Chatita

Lehona Chatita

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Just as women balance femininity and strength, the protective spirit of the lioness, with all her power and strength, is represented in this piece in a delicate and subtle way.

Crafted in 18 carat yellow gold, this LeHona Chatita ring represents the power, determination and courage within us all. A tribute to all women, this piece represents femininity and strength and a protective spirit.

This piece features garnets, but you can choose the desired gemstones according to the months of the year. Designed by Lehona.

*Depending on the combination of stones you choose or the size of the piece, the price of the product may vary.


18k yellow gold.
2 Hesonite garnets of 5mm.


Pre-order shipping: 4-5 weeks


Measures 16.70mm high.


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