Arena Martinez

Game Over

Why is 2ndlife?
  • This garment is inspired by the work: GAME OVER - 2009

    The work of Marina Vargas (Granada - 1980) is based on the review and investigation of the religious, alchemy and magical signs, to reinterpret or modify them, in order to create new existential stories or questions. The garment means Hunter-Hunted.


    Early, editions 1-5: € 795    

    Normal, editions 5-10: € 895      

    On demand, editions 10-15: € 995

    SINGLE SIZE: Oversized Fit The model measures 1.78 cm

    Composition     15% wool 85% acrylic

    Care  Hand wash and ironing reverse coat

    Limited Edition of 15

    Handmade in Spain

    The garment carries 2 pockets

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