Atelier Aletheia

Gadea Silk Pant

Model height
  • Silk pant with elastic waist.

    This garment has been created with three dye baths in order to obtain the black color, as it is difficult to achieve making this tone with plants. In this case, different plants were used, for example indigo that produces a blue color rarely found in nature. It can be obtained from the indigo coloring, contained in some plants like Indigofera tinctoria,or true indigo, native to Asia and Africa, even though blue color can be found in other species as Isatis tinctoria,also called dyer's woad or Glastum in Europe. It produces really beautiful blue and indigo tones with a complex fermentation and oxygen reduction procedure. The indigo´s root is used in the traditional Chinese medicine as its curative properties are related to skin problems.

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