El vestido de seda midi beige

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  • The 90´Slip Dress adapts to your body like a second skin, causing an amazing sensation of well-being and relax. Well known is for all the so nice feeling of the silk fabric caressing the skin, producing multicolored reflections in the sunlight and moving in a vaporous way when walking, wrapping the forms of our body.
    Natural silk is made with yarns wound from the cocoon of the silkworm. Silk has properties very resistant to mites and bacteria, and does not produce odors or absorbs dust. Therefore, products made with natural silk are the most recommended for people with sensitive skin, dry or easily irritated or even allergic to synthetic fabrics. The proteins that make up the silk give it a structure that absorbs heat and moisture and transfers it, making the skin breathe and stay fresh. The woven silk threads perform a function of temperature regulation by air moving within the space between wires.

    The composition is 100% seda natural.

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