Lana Serena

Cocoon short cape - Unique piece

  • Artisanal work. Handmade in Spain.

    100% Spanish merino wool from transhumant sheep.

    The cocoon short cape is part of the ORIGIN collection, inspired by the grandness of nature and the intensity and sensibility in all its diversity. A piece created to honor the artisanal work and to emphasize the uniqueness of our wool.

    Its shape is inspired in the chrysalis’s state of a butterfly. The knitting pattern symbolizes the bark of a tree. And the chromatic contrast attracts viewers’ attention just as nature does with all its diversity.

    This is an artisan piece. It is made by hand by an expert woman knitter of Castilla y León (Spain). This garment is usually made to order. Every piece comes with an artisan hangtag signed by the woman who has made it.
    It is made of warm, soft and lightweight merino wool yarn. We source the wool from transhumant herds of sheep from Castilla y León and Extremadura (Spain). Fresh grass-fed sheep produce the best quality wool. The entire yarn making process takes place in Spain. Wool manufacture is a century old industry of this country.

    This is a versatile piece designed to be worn as outerwear layered on top of your favorite dress or shirt when the climate is mild, or it can also be layered on top of a blazer, a biker jacket or any other piece of knitwear when the climate gets cold.

    The cocoon short cape has two comfortable openings for the arms on the sides. And it is completely open in the front. It can be worn either freely opened at the front or attached with the help of any wooden needle or other.

    The model is 1,75 and is wearing size U. 

    Delivery time within 2 to 6 days.

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