Bautizo de Pájaros

Chirri Moreno

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Bautizo de Pájaros, Chirri Moreno. 

The colours of the flock of birds represent the colours of the sunset, which is when they celebrate their christenings.

"They are hand-embroidered works on handmade Japanese paper, with silk and cotton threads. My idea is to paint and draw with the threads, starting from an idea, and without making a previous drawing, directly on the paper, embroidering the time, that's why my themes have to do with the seasons and the changes that nature experiences. In this way, the different lights, colours, that nature gives us, come and go.

"I mount them on a fine pure cotton canvas and on a stretcher frame. They can be hung like this, or framed as each one wants." - Chirri Moreno

Unique piece

Dimensions:  61 x 92 cm

Shipping within 7 working days. 

Made in Spain