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Bangle Of My Life

Bangle Of My Life

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This bracelet, handmade in 18 carat yellow gold, is the representation of your life in your hands. With this piece, we want you to choose the cuts and gemstones that represent the most important months of your life, so that every time you look at it, touch it or remember it, you feel the power of the special moments that mark your memories.

This piece has different sizes of diamonds, but you can choose the gems you want for the different sizes, according to the months of the year. Designed by Lehona.

*Depending on the combination of stones you choose or the size of the piece, the price of the product may vary.


18k yellow gold.
3 brilliant cut diamonds measuring 2.80mm.
1 baguette-cut diamond 2.80mm.
1 marquise cut diamond 2.80mm.
2 princess cut diamonds measuring 2.80mm.


Pre-order shipping: 5-6 weeks


Measures 6mm wide.


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