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Press January 25, 2019

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Press January 25, 2019

The Cosima's Cosmic Sneakers

The Cosmic Sneakers - with a 12 cm platform and guaranteed intergalactic superpowers - are genuinely a dream come true. Ask any friend that knows me and they will know of my plight to find the perfect platform sneaker.

Perhaps it is a peculiar obsession for a fashionista to hold on to at a time of ever-changing passions, but the quest for these platformed shoes began long ago for me. It began with the Spice Girls. (As most things tend to do...)

The platform sneakers of the 1990s rave scene were the source and inspiration for this fantastical shoe. They represented so many other-worldly wonders in my early adolescence when I was never allowed to own my own pair. Now, as an adult, my wildest dreams are finally at my feet.

A few years ago I came across a stray re-edition of this mythical platform shoe, an impulse buy that soon changed my life and forged a new Cosima. Rapidly I forgot I owned another pair of shoes, the concept became near blasphemy.

I started taking my platform sneakers everywhere I went, from the rowdiest of mosh-pits to the fanciest of galas. Bouncing several inches above the crowd, I was able to capture a new reality, to dance in a world of my own.

New York, London, Berlin, Paris, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, Miami, Cuenca, the desert of Atacama - everywhere they went they were greeted with waves of exaltation.

Everybody wanted my shoes. People would come up to me and start a conversation. Children wouldn’t be able to stop staring. New fantasies were born. What had begun as a shoe slowly became a new superpower.

In my platform sneakers I felt invincible and limitless. I quickly realized that I had to share this great discovery, that I had to empower all the lost fashionistas out there.

All the other platform sneakers I found were dark, somber and not quite the right design. Suddenly they were experiencing a come-back in the fashion world, but none did justice to my dreams.

I took the task into my own hands, I decided to create a supernatural pair of shoes that nobody would forget.

Today, here they are at last, available on pre-order, the first step in a great multicolored journey ahead.